Searching for a New Normal
2022 Members Exhibition



Marilyn Stubblebine

Marilyn is an artist, primarily a painter, who also creates altered books with used paperbacks, composes music, and experiments with other media. Her art focus investigates geometrical and non-geometrical abstraction emphasizing color and line to express her wonder on movement in time and space. How to resonate that wonder? Instagram:

contemplation (n.)

Contemplation (n.) is an accordion artist’s book that includes altered details of illustrations from a book on Greek architecture, and a page with the etymology of the word contemplation. The images were drawn and painted on used paperback pages, and then attached to the book pages. Reflection on each image resulted in a specific accompanying word: care, plan, remains, models, revive. Useful words to search “for a new normal.” For example, the illustration of broken pottery was redrawn as repaired with the caption, “Care.” The plan of a temple was simplified to symbolize the intention manifested by preparing a plan.

8.5 x 5.5 in. folded, 8.5 x 44 in end to end (8 pages)
accordion artist's book: acrylic, pencil, used paperback pages, paper, glue