Searching for a New Normal
2022 Members Exhibition



Nancy Parks

Nancy Parks, Fine Artist, focuses on printmaking, works on paper, book art. She is a member of PCB, Fleisher Art Memorial, and has exhibited in solo & group shows.

Blue Butterfly Book

To know that change has occurred for myself and all of us, and adjustments made, change of perspective, with what is a new normal, per say? I continue to make my Art, to express what I find joy in, what moves me, and letting nature still be inspiring led me to create a few pieces. Blue Butterfly Book is one piece.   

3"x 4.5"
Jaipur India Paper, water based inks, pastel, gold ink

Red Book, Yellow Bird Travels

Red Book, Yellow Bird Travels, is along the same concept as Blue Butterfly Book, Gold Bird Book. I used page edges, cut & shaped, to reflect parts of the bird image, tail, wing, head side. Once again birds are a motif for me as I explore various ways to represent them in some of my art making.  

3" x 4.5"
Red Pastel Paper, water based ink, graphite, black ink

Gold Bird Book

Gold Bird Book, is a piece that follows a few others similar to Blue Butterfly Book. It reflects that nature Is inspiring; birds are a motif for me, and represent much, they sing, they can fly solo or with others, they can have colorful feathers or minimal color, but are very amazing to watch.   

3" x 4.5"
Jaipur India Paper, water based ink, gold pen