Searching for a New Normal
2022 Members Exhibition



Grace Johnson

I am a book artist and printmaker currently pursuing my MFA in book arts and printmaking in Philadelphia. I am interested in the overlap between book arts and printmaking and how they compliment each other and work together. I view my books as if they are a series of prints. Each page is its own work that is strung together to create a narrative.


This Artist Book was printed by Amanda D'Amico and Erica Honson at the Borowsky Center for Publication arts at The University of the Arts. The book was born from the return to structure after a period of time which felt very unstructured. It reflected on the idea of fitting in, of socialization, and of being overly aware of the self. 

19"x5" open


This piece is made from hand processed and beaten Kozo fiber. The paper is made in the traditional Japanese style. The piece is about self preservation, learning to keep balance, and longing for sentiment. The natural fibers can be seen through the photographic Van Dyke printing. The two qualities enhance each other to create an object that feels precious. The work is an effort to feel true and nourished even in bleak times.

Handmade Kozo paper, Van Dyke Brown image and text