Looking Out / Looking In
2021 Member's Exhibition



Susan Viguers

Susan Viguers is Professor Emerita at the University of the Arts. On retirement, she stepped down as MFA Book Arts/Printmaking director. She came to artmaking late, her first career being that of a scholar and English teacher. Her artist books are in over 60 institutions in the U.S. and abroad.

Healing from Genocide in Rwanda: Rugerero Survivors Village, an Artist Book

This book reflects the theme “Look Out.” I am meditating as an outsider on the horror, the tragedy of the Rwandan genocide, in my belief that we must face humanity’s capability for cruelty and that remembrance is necessary for healing. But there may actually be something problematic in my outsider status. My collaborator, Lily Yeh, worked extensively with survivors in Rwanda. I created the book based on the materials she brought back and incorporated her drawings and paintings and photographs by artists who joined her in Rwanda. The book will be published by New Village Press this fall. Edition of 2,000.

7.5 inch w x 9.25 inches h x .25 inches d