Looking Out / Looking In
2021 Member's Exhibition



Barbara Toothpick

Always exploring the interface between words, images and sound… barbara toothpick never stops working. For the past two years she has been obsessed with a play which became a book and now is a play again, One Woman Show With Alan (Alan HorseRadish). As a play it was a staged production at the Eastport Art Center in 2019 and other venues. She spent the Covid year turning it into a book, along with developing a new approach to her painting and making books, effigies and altarpieces, and then back into a play.

finding the new norm

Findng the 

      New  Norm

 explore what can be done

be aware of what other folk are doing

figure out how  you   want to join the fun

8.5 " by 8.5"
paper, compter,ink

LookBook One, No DifferEHNssssss,

LookBook One, No DifferEHNssssss is the first of a series of small hand-made books that can be reproduced cheaply. This book is about the sameness of the inside and the outside. The elements are different but the patterns are the same. To show this I make mouths where we expect to see eyes and eyes where we expect to see mouths. And one side of the page bleeds through to the other casting odd reflections over the images. Edition of 25.

8.5" by 4" by .05"
paper print