Looking Out / Looking In
2021 Member's Exhibition



Carolyn Shattuck

Carolyn Shattuck, born in Montreal, Canada, moved to the United States in 1971. She and her husband were transferred to Okinawa, Japan where she became influenced by the history and beauty of the Japanese prints. She studied painting at Bard College. She divides her time between painting, printing/collage method and Book Arts. Her books can be seen in numerous University Special Book Collections including the Smithsonian.

On the Brink

Because of the lack of socialization during the pandemic, I had more time in the studio. I pursued discovering the most endangered mammal in the world called, the pangolin.

There was a theory that the pangolin was a carrier of covid from the Wuhan market in China.

That has since been disproven although another animal could still be the vector.

The pangolin will be extinct in a few years without being recognized. It's scales, made from keratin, are harvested for many bogus remedies in China and Viet Nam.

12"x 8"x 2.5" closed
Printed on Epson matte ,BFK Rives paper,Lama Li paper with slipcase

Turtle Book V1

Sea Turtles are endangered. As we navigate the past three pandemic years, it gave me time

to reflect on animal extinction. We are thrown into making health decisions relating to how we interact ,with our community, as well as the environment. It troubled me that the vulnerable sea turtle population was declining due to climate change, loss of habitat, pollution and boat strikes. I visited a sea turtle hospital in the Keys and began my research.

Coptic Bound, BFK Rives paper, Fiber dyes, found plastic, drypoint


Flexagon/popup created to acknowledge the unknown and marginalized women of the 19th century. I have always been interested in artists who are unrecognized in their lifetime. I chose the flexagon so that the viewer can dimensionally see inner and outer rotations and also reflect upon their lives as unseen and now seen. Edition of 10.


Bird of Paradise Quilt Top – Log Cabin Throw – String Quilt – Center Star Crazy Throw

Quilters- Carolyn Shattuck

Flexagon- Red River paper, collage