Looking Out / Looking In
2021 Member's Exhibition



Sue O’Donnell

Sue O’Donnell’s work combines experimental book arts, graphic diagramming, and conceptual narratives. She earned her MFA at SUNY Purchase in 2002 after having worked as a freelance graphic designer for many years. She joined the faculty at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in 2007 where she teaches graphic print/book design.

My Route / My Roots

I collected this wood during a visit to North Carolina for a family reunion. It was salvaged from a black walnut tree that grew on family land. I have moved twenty-one times in my life so far. The connection I have with place may seem brief, but each holds special meaning. This installation applies the shape of my moves – the google map route that connects each place – with the amount of time I spent living in that place – the length of the route. Mounted between each cut are hand written memory stories, a reflective “Looking In” that requires “Looking Out.”

9" x 216" x 1"
Variable cut black walnut wood panels with handwritten text pigment prints and plywood backing.

Cat's Cradle

This artist book was created as a result of an ideation exercise looking for connections between two unrelated topics. A variety of connections were made that ultimately resulted in a structure that became a memorial for my sister who lost her battle with cancer, a childhood string game we used to play, and the lyrics from a CD she left behind. The book’s structure revealed itself during the process – it was a book that wanted to be a puzzle. On reflection, this book required the act of looking, both inward and outward.

7" x 8"
Mixed Media (book board, cotton tape, tracing paper, drawing, typewritten words). Magic Wallet Structure.