Looking Out / Looking In
2021 Member's Exhibition



Patricia Moss-Vreeland

Patricia Moss-Vreeland is an artist, author, poet, TEDx speaker, and thought leader on the relationship between art, science, memory, learning, and creativity. She works in a range of diverse media and genres. Her work spans four decades and has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her art resides in museum collections.

An Open Book: "A New Story"

In this artwork with my poem, I talk about being an artist. I look inward at creating different paths to take in my life, shaped by introspection and my imaginings. As I look out, I am often moved by watching the loons navigate their course on the lake. The act of drawing them and using them metaphorically in my piece weaves together their journey of traversing the waters with my journey. I am inspired by their grace and beauty.

17" x 30"
Handmade paper, charcoal, graphite, ink. It can lay flat designed as an open book of pages, or fold