Looking Out / Looking In
2021 Member's Exhibition



Judith Hoffman

I am moved by marks that show the presence of the artist's hand. There is a person there, letting me see into their being. They have made a thing that could not exist without that person being alive. We are all here in this moment, living our one life.

In Which our Main Character has a Revelation of Wonderment

I have had a few moments in my life when I felt connected to the universe, as if I could see everything all at once and it all made sense. We can all have those moments, when we feel joy and are free from our daily worries and routine. It is, in a way, looking out at the world, seeing the beauty and reality without the overlay of our worries. But it’s also looking in, seeing and feeling the space inside. I’m not saying life is always wonderful, because it’s not. But allowing space for the good moments is important.

5.75 x 4 x 1 inch
Eco dyed Bagasse paper and linen thread, architect’s tracing paper, found papers, acrylic paint, ink.

Stolen Shadows

One down-side of aging is that more and more people I love have died. They still appear in my dreams, sometimes representing a part of me and sometimes as themselves, playing the role they always had in my life. Occasionally they bring me a message, which I can’t understand. Each of these drawings is done from a favorite photo of a person in my family who has died. As I drew each person I spent time with them. Some of the text comes from my dreams. Some come from found phrases or are inspired by my thoughts about the person.


4 x 3 x 1inch (the pages spring open because they are warped by the eco dye process)
Museum board, watercolor paper, ink, linen thread. Eco dyed paper, drawing on eco dyed paper.