Looking Out / Looking In
2021 Member's Exhibition



Ditta Baron Hoeber

I am both a poet and an artist. My work is in several artist book collections including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the University of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore College and Chelsea College of Art & Design in London. Inscapes is an upcoming solo exhibition of my work at Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery.

Eleven Books

The subject of "Inscapes" is my experience of living and working in the space that is my studio and my home. The objects, the architecture, sometimes a figure, the ever changing light, the ordinariness of things transfigured by that light and its shadows all are the subject of "Inscapes". The video "Eleven Books" shows a selection of the images of "Inscapes" but it also shows the simple accordion book as a variety of sculptural objects. It shows the books to be sturdy and handleable – everyday things like the experience of the space they portray. And sometimes humorous things.

Eleven Books - Ditta Baron Hoeber

6 minutes 58 seconds
Eleven Books is a video that shows eleven of 60 plusbooks which are part of a project titled Inscapes. The books are each 6 x 8 inches and vary in the number of images from one to 14. The images are archival inkjet photographic prints mounted in books