Looking Out / Looking In
2021 Member's Exhibition



Caroline Furr

Caroline Furr, born in Oklahoma, has a M.A. in sculpture from California State University, Fullerton and an ongoing exhibition history in painting and sculpture since 1974. In Los Angeles she painted sets for tv and film and while living in Barcelona she collaborated with a furniture/interior designer and a sculptor. After relocating to Philadelphia she began work in surface design for the home furnishings market and interior design on the East Coast.

My Latest Book

"My Latest Book" is one in a series of 'coffee table books' with the exception that my books are often not very attractive and decidedly not shiny and well put together. Here you see this example, When I look within or want to think I am looking there I usually turn to trees and/or birds. My painting practice is overgrown with nature and these books are an accumulation, almost like sweeping up autumn leaves.

13.5 x 15.5"
rag paper, cardboard, fabric, ink, chalk, gold leaf, paint