Looking Out / Looking In
2021 Member's Exhibition



Laura Chenault

Laura Chenault is an interdisciplinary artist creating art from a feminist and a post-modernist perspective. She believes concept and content must work hand in hand with presentation and display.

Fold to the Center

The prompt was to create art from a paper fortune teller structure, three of which are incorporated as signatures of the book. The fortune teller base creates multiple triangular sized pages to open and close – offering opportunities to look deeper inside the structure. Phrases and visual collage elements change meaning as different sections are exposed – working like a dada poem meeting a matching game. The name, stolen from the folding instructions, makes this also a “how to” interact with this fun-to-play-with book.


4.75 (h) x 2.5 (w) x 1.5 (d) inches
Mixed media collage on card-stock with plastic corrugated covers