These Times
2020 Virtual Members' Exhibition


Marilyn Stubblebine

Mostly I paint abstractions, both hard edge and free form. More recently, I ventured into reinterpreting a used paperback mystery. My excitement in making an artist’s book inspired forays into different art-making approaches, which include video.

Paging, Version 1

This video includes a figure paging through an artist's book. The artist's book is a repurposed paperback mystery. The words are unseen, are covered with acrylic paint. Each paragraph of the original mystery forms a color block. Five colors are used and repeated through several chapters. The video not only explores the repurposing of a paperback, its reuse, its reinterpretation of a story, but also explores "reading" color, changing perspective of color as size, relationship, quantity varies; physically touching art; recontextualizing a common activity; and more.

Paging, Version 1 - Marilyn Stubblebine