These Times
2020 Virtual Members' Exhibition


Christine Keator Steele

BFA and Studio Certificate, combined degree from University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. MA-TESOL, Hunter College


Created to express and process anger and despair over the unrelenting brutality of racism and the brazen murder of George Floyd.

7' x 9'
House paint, graphite, acrylic medium on garage door

White Privilege Crown #1: Benefit of the Doubt

I had a piece of recycled cardboard packing material that, when opened up, was the shape of a crown. I thought I'd collage it with virus imagery (corona = crown) and wear it on Skype to amuse my socially-distanced grandkids. Browsing through old magazines, I found a picture of two little White girls playing with water guns. Knowing that Black children like Tamir Rice had been shot for such innocent acts, I realized this crown should illustrate White Privilege.

4⅜” x 19⅛” and 9½” x 22¾”
Collage of recycled cardboard and magazine clippings, gesso, graphite, twine

White Privilege Crown #3: White Women’s Tears

At the expense of Black lives, White women in America have knowingly and unknowingly exploited their White privileged status and deluded themselves about their racial fragility.

9½” x 22¾”
Recycled cardboard with collaged magazine clippings, acrylic paint, graphite, decorative trim.