These Times
2020 Virtual Members' Exhibition


Samantha Simpson

Samantha Simpson makes paintings, drawings and digital art that reference cartooning, 14th century woodcuts and the history of modernist painting. Her recent pieces specifically address the uneasy juxtaposition of the everyday and the political.

Fred Petersen, CEO in Nature

I'm primarily a painter, but since the pandemic started I've been translating images from my paintings into 3D models with the aim of making them interactive in virtual reality. This book project turned out to be a nice way of bringing my digital projects back into my painting and into the real world. Fred Peterson CEO is a 3D model of a businessman bug I've been animating lately. I posed Fred, printed him on watercolor paper, painted his background, and then scanned and relayered him back into the image digitally before I printed him again.

9" x 7.5"
Book: digital prints, watercolors, stick-ems