These Times
2020 Virtual Members' Exhibition


Jess Schriver

Jess Schriver is a PhD candidate in Childhood Studies at Rutgers University. Her research looks at books and the spaces children might encounter them.


Quarantine has triggered many in-home projects & ArtPod is an intersection of my domestic & artistic worlds. Through this small, silver square, I find some peace, as the images of my favorite works of art slide across the screen & calming tunes fill my ears. This is a multi-sensory work—where cool metal touches my h&, music to my ears, & art in my eyes—grounding & releasing me from my domestic sphere. As my very own museum, I scroll through the art or I hurry to find the Artemisia for strength or the Vermeer for stillness. Inspired by the work of DankPods (YouTube).

ArtPod - Jess Schriver

Digital; mod of iPod Nano (3rd gen)