These Times
2020 Virtual Members' Exhibition


Sea Macleish

Sea became a book enthusiast after an exhibit at the Museum of Women's Arts. She completed a graduate degree in Art History/Studio Art with study in Italy and another in Printmaking/Artist Books. She teaches workshops and exhibits her work. "Seaside Art", studio and school, opens next year!

This Is The Time To Be Slow

John O'Donohue is a favorite writer and poet. I received this particular poem in March. It was of such great comfort, I began thinking about ways to share it. The delight of working through Hedi Kyle's "The Art of the Fold" with a friend each week this summer was another good anchor. Soon, the pocket accordion structure seemed to fit the verses as 'bookmarks'. They were cut from a small expressive watercolor effort one evening. Some collage work and a shell from a beach walk, pointing to hope, expanded the simple design.

Open: 4" x 17"; Closed: 4" x 2"
pocket accordion fold: gouache, ink, cord, shell