These Times
2020 Virtual Members' Exhibition


Sun Young Kang

Sun Young Kang is a book and installation artist. She uses paper with its duality of strength and delicacy to create physical and conceptual space. Originally from South Korea, she currently resides in Western NY.

Impossibly Connected

During this time of physical and emotional separation, I constantly question: What is the reality that we believe is real now? How can we reconnect each other after this? Where can we find the lost time? My repetitive motion of embroidering the split bricks captured in 2-dimensional photo with my shed hair evoke or embody these questions while I consider the repetitive process as a means of reconnecting, symbolically and impossibly, the gap between past and future, between two identities (of one living between two cultural realities), reconnecting the two parts of a split-self.

12 x 18 x 1" each
Artist's own hair stitched on Photographs of split and painted bricks