These Times
2020 Virtual Members' Exhibition


Alina Josan

Alina Josan has called Philadelphia home for twenty years, finding time now and then to make some artwork while working in library conservation labs, archives and libraries. As an Art Department librarian at the Free Library of Philadelphia, she continues the tradition of extensive collaboration with the Philadelphia Center for the Book.


Massive changes in animal populations are taking place in these times. They may be inconvenient to us, but extreme public alarm around the threat to agriculture posed by growing numbers of lanternflies in Pennsylvania, my current home, or the loud intrusion of crows moving into urban environments like the city of Timișoara in my native Romania often obscures the larger human cause of such changes. In the case of the crows, that means habitat loss via human encroachment leading them to seek a new home.



50 x 3.5" (open) - 4.25 x 3.5" (closed)
Ink on paper and cloth covered case.